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Who needs immunizations? Everyone!

As we age, our bodies don’t always respond the way they used to. We all feel those new aches and pains and such. Our immune system, like the rest of our body, just doesn’t respond like it used to. We are more likely to get sick even if we were never sick a day in our lives.

Having a chronic condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure, is an additional layer of challenge to our immune system. Age and a chronic condition combined creates a decreased defense system. We’ve seen that with COVIC-19 and how it has been so much more severe and deadly for older people and those with chronic conditions.

Defense is the best offense and immunizations are a form of defense against other potential challenges, like flu and pneumonia. People over-65, especially those with chronic conditions, need certain vaccines to help guard against several diseases.

As providers, it is important to assure every patient is assessed for every vaccine, every visit; that a firm recommendation to be immediately vaccinated is given; that properly stored vaccine are available (or a nearby partner is identified); and documented (preferable in your state’s immunization registry.)

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Immunization Information Systems (Registries) Contacts

Vaccination Documentation Application Form Concept

CDC does NOT have vaccination record information!
If you currently live or have lived in an area with an operational immunization information system (IIS), you may try to

For general immunization-related questions you also may contact the CDC Information Contact Center at 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).

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