Hospital Quality Improvement

The HQIC contract task order continues CMS focus on improving the quality of care and outcomes at hospitals nationwide.

About HQIC

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded a four-year contract to Alliant Health Solutions (AHS) to serve as a National Quality Improvement and Innovation Contractor (NQIIC) under the recently launched Task Order 3: Hospital Quality Improvement Contractor (HQIC) contract. Under the agreement, Alliant will provide services to 296 hospitals across a multistate area.

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This task order will continue Alliant’s previous work focused on hospital quality improvement and will also include new elements and updates to align with the CMS framework initiated under its current NQIIC program.

The specific focus of the work will include:

  • Engaging the hospital, provider and caregiver communities to implement evidence-based and best practices
  • Utilizing innovation, quality improvement strategies, and data-driven methodologies for small, rural, critical access hospitals and those that serve vulnerable populations
  • Providing expert healthcare quality improvement services to support efforts for maximum impact to the healthcare delivery system
  • Focusing on reducing all-cause patient harm and readmissions
  • Serving as quality improvement experts, facilitators, and change agents for healthcare transformation
  • Enhancing the customer experience while seeking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, economy, safety, and quality of healthcare being provided in the supported hospitals

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