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Medication Safety

Alliant Quality is helping Care Coordination Communities in Georgia and North Carolina to improve medication safety and prevent Adverse Drug Events(ADEs). 



Helpful Hints for Remembering to Take Your Medications

This tip sheet will help patients integrate taking their medications into their daily routine resulting in better medication adherence.




Helpful Hints for Using Insulin Vials

If your diabetic patients have vision problems, this tip sheet provides supplement options to help see the insulin vials and draw up insulin more accurately.




Preventing Low Blood Sugar One-Pager

If your patients are taking chlorpropamide, glyburide, or glyburide/metformin, this tip sheet will help them know the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar and better manage their medications.





Using Medications Safely with Diabetes Flyer

For your diabetic patients who have multiple chronic conditions, this tip sheet will help them to manage multiple medications being prescribed by multiple providers.




For more information contact:

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