Health Care Providers

Alliant Quality is proud to serve as the QIN-QIO for Georgia and North Carolina. We’re here to help you deliver patient-centered, safer and more effective care in your community. By participating in a local QIN-QIO improvement initiative, you’ll gain access to valuable resources, including evidence-based improvement strategies that are aligned with other major health quality initiatives and that can help you prepare for value-based purchasing.

By getting involved in your QIN-QIO’s learning and action networks, you’ll share knowledge on critical health care quality and safety issues with your peers, and discover real-world best practices that will work in your own facility or practice. You’ll also help your peers replicate your successes or avoid your challenges. QIO learning and action networks embrace an “all-teach, all-learn” philosophy that recognizes the value of everyone’s perspective.

Alliant Quality engages health care providers at all levels of performance in rapid-cycle improvement projects for collaborative learning and action that accelerate changes. We need your ideas, experience, knowledge and active participation to implement and spread the change that will transform our country’s health care system.

All health care providers are invited to be a part of QIN-QIO improvement initiatives.

Our focus improvement initiatives are:

  • Improve Cardiac Health
  • Improve Diabetes Management
  • Improve Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Reduce Healthcare Associated Conditions
  • Improve Care Coordination
  • Provide Technical Assistance for Reporting Quality Measures
  • Increasing Immunization Rates Among Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Improving Readmission Rates in Inpatient Psychiatrice Facilities
  • Improving Identification of Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder in Primary Care


Are you interested in learning more about how the QIN-QIO can benefit you? Watch this webinar on how you can take full advantage of the program in Georgia and North Carolina!


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