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Peer Coaching

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The purpose of the Peer Coaching Program is to serve as an integral part of the nursing home health care community to promote quality improvement and provide support among those participating and enrolled in the Southern Partners Action Collaborative for Excellence (SPACE) collaborative.

The Peer Coaching Program is built on the following premises:

·         Alliant Quality will recruit diverse levels of nursing home staff to act as Peer Coaches for other nursing homes

·         Peer Coaches will be matched to provide support, encouragement and information to nursing home staff, administrators, residents and their families based on the following:

o   areas of expertise

o   compatibility

o   location

·         Alliant Quality will recruit residents, family members and/or caregivers to be involved in Quality Improvement in their Nursing Home


ü  Interested in working with a Peer Coach?? Please contact Jennifer Brock at  for more information.

ü  If you are included on the list of Top 10% NH in your state and would like to become a trained Peer Coach, please email


Additional Information

Top 10% of Nursing Homes - Georgia

Top 10% of Nursing Homes - North Carolina

List of Trained Peer Coaches

Peer Coaching Commitment Card - Fillable PDF

Peer Coaching One-pager


Education and Presentation Materials


Resources from NCC


Peer Coaching Resources from NCC


  1. Peer Coaching - Unit 1 - Coaching
  2. Coaching Competencies and Importance
  3. Coaching Outline
  4. Coaching One-pager

Adult Learning

  1. Peer Coaching - Unit 2 - Adult Learning


  1. Peer Coaching - Unit 3 - CASPER Data
  2. MDS 3.0 Facility Quality Measure Report
  3. MDS 3.0 Resident Level Quality Measure Report
  4. Accessing the New MDS Quality Measure Reports - How To

QI Methods

  1. QI Method 1 - RCA Worksheet Example
  2. QI Method 1 - RCA Worksheet
  3. QI Method 2 - One-pager
  4. QI Method 3 - One-pager
  5. QI Basics PDSA One-pager
  6. Draft PDSA Worksheet
  7. Peer Coaching - Unit 4A - QI Method 1 - RCA
  8. Peer Coaching - Unit 4B - QI Method 2 - Goals
  9. Peer Coaching - Unit 4C - QI Method 3 - PDSA
  10. Peer Coaching - Unit 4D - QI Method 4 - PDSA Basics


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